Reuse valuable raw materials

Kern Tec is an Austrian processor of fruit pits - especially of stone fruits such as apricot, plum and cherry.

Inspired by agriculture and circular economy

In Europe, fruit pits are a waste product - as for example in the juice industry. However, these largely undiscovered resources have a great potential because of their valuable ingredients. At Kern Tec, they are gently washed, dried and then separated into seeds and shells in order to unfold their maximum potential. Through continuous innovation, we are able to maintain our philosophy of zero waste. Our sustainable products are not only beneficial to the environment, but above all to our customers, who can rely on the highest quality and innovative products.

We only use carefully selected raw materials from fruit growers and processing companies. With our partly energy self-sufficient production, we are able to create regional products for the first time and thus bring a meaningful added value from which everyone along the value chain benefits.

Saving resources

Fruit pits are recycled using a new technology. All in the sense of the circular economy.

New products

Consumers can be offered a new and above all sustainable product.

Support for farmers and businesses

By purchasing the raw materials our suppliers are also supported.

Labor Kern Tec
Kern Tec Obstkerne Marillenkerne Kirschkerne Pflaumenkerne Aprikosenkerne Aprikosensamen Kirschsamen Pflaumensamen

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