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Kernels and Seeds are highly nutritional sources that have been underestimated and under utilised in the food industry until now. Some of these natural resources contain up to 50% of proteins and have nutritional components that bring value as a food source, but also functionality to be used in a variety of applications in food and beverage products.

At Kern Tec we transform Apricot, Plum and Cherry kernels and Flaxseed into protein flours, using our proprietary technology to allow these products to reenter the consumer cycle with a higher added value. Fruit pits and press cakes (after the oil extraction from the kernels/seeds) are often sold for animal feeding, used as biofuel or simply disposed of. To address this kind of waste problem in the food industry and in the face of the growing demand for plant based protein alternatives we upcycled these valuable resources into edible, functional and tasteful raw materials.

As a vegetable source of proteins, our flours have a compelling composition that supports a variety of applications in drinks, meat alternatives, sports nutrition, baking and many other products. Apart from the almost no extra water demand and much reduced CO2 footprint, it tastes great!

vegan protein flour kernel flour baking flour apricot kernel flour baking flour

Vegan source of protein

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