(Organic) Apricot Kernel Oil Apricot Seed Oil

Prunus Armeniaca Seed Oil


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For the use in food products

Apricot oil delights with its slightly sweet-nutty, almond flavor. Apricot kernel oil is growing steadily in popularity and therefore Kern Tec offers its customers an incomparable quality. With the help of an optimization of the pressing process, as well as a special blend of seeds, our apricot kernel oil redefines the food sector. Our products were also awarded at the world's most important oil competition "AVPA World Oils" among the best specialty oils. Anyone looking for a new, unique nut flavor in food is right with this innovation.

To be used in

  • Salty dishes: Salad dressing, addition to cheese
  • Baked goods: Almond flavoring in baked goods, for refinement of doughs
  • Desserts: to fruits, nut products, granola bars and raw vegetables


Due to the anti-oxidative effect and the high content of vitamin E, among other things, free radicals are naturally flushed from the body and thus the metabolism is stimulated.

Excellent in taste.

Kern Tec AVPA Gourmet 2020 Medaille Gourmet
Ölkaiser Kern Tec 1. Preis
saturated fatty acids
unsaturated fatty acids
oleic acid
linoleic acid
palmitic acid
palmitoleic acid

For use in cosmetic products

Apricot kernel oil can prove its effectiveness especially in natural cosmetics: the high content of oleic and linoleic acid, two essential fatty acids, make it a high-quality product. Due to its high content of oleic acid (> 60%), it is an excellent base oil for combination with other oils. With high content of vitamin E, the oil provides an antioxidant effect. Cold-pressed apricot kernel oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling soft and promoting faster recovery from skin irritations. Made from regional and sustainable raw materials, it is an excellent addition to environmentally conscious cosmetic lines.


Unique product for use as after-sun, massage oil, make-up remover and hair care.

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Kern Tec is a manufacturer and B2B supplier of seeds, oils and granules for the food and cosmetics industries.

We offer as a producer and manufacturer apricot kernels, cherry kernels and plum kernels, as well as products derived from them, such as oils and shell granules for the food and cosmetic industry.