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Shell Granulates

We also process the shells of the pit varieties (apricot, cherry, plum and peach) into high-quality cosmetic and pharmaceutical flours/powders as well as industrial granulates. The latter are used as abrasives, for conveyor systems, filter media and polishing granulates.

Degree of hardness - Plum 2,2 mohs to apricot 3,6 mohs

Grinding degree – 0.1-0.2       0.2-0.5       0.5-0.8       0,8-1,0       1,0-1,6       in mm                                  – andere Korngrößen auch auf Anfrage

Availability - single or mixed

Packaging - Packed in 25 kg paper bags or big bags

very long in service

not electrically conductive

more sustainable than conventional glass and plastic

burn residue-free after engine cleaning

no disposal problems with heavy metal or other complex blasting applications 

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Mulch aus Pfirsichschalen & Aprikosenschalen
Gravel for yards

Now trending: Gravel applications from fruit pit shells

Kern Flakes® is the sustainable option for plant beds, paths, parks in public or private landscaping.

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