The sustainable way to make use of pits

Innovative and sustainable seeds, oils, flours and granules from shells

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Fantastic seeds. Made in Europe.

Kern Tec is a processor of stone fruit seeds based in Austria. The largely undiscovered resources are carefully separated into seeds and shells in order to develop their maximum potential. Our company philosophy of 100% resource recycling is pursued through continuous innovation. Our sustainable products not only delight the environment, but above all our customers, who can rely on high-quality products.  

There is great potential in stone fruit stones, whether apricot, peach, plum or cherry. They contain seeds, which contain many proteins and healthy oils. They are ideal for producing sustainable and high-quality products such as edible oils, snack products and natural cosmetics.

We only use carefully selected raw materials from Austrian and European fruit growers and processing companies, and with our energy-autonomous production we can create local products for the first time and thus provide meaningful added value from which everyone along the value chain benefits:

Additional source of income for farmers & fruit processors

Saving resources in the sense of circular economy

Sustainable and novel ingredients

This is what we stand for:


We offer products of the highest quality with a purity of up to 99.99%.


Guaranteed safe products in collaboration with food technologists and accredited laboratories

Aprikosensamen, kirschsamen, pflaumensamen


Made from by-products of the fruit industry - locally in Austria.


The new domestic "nuts" offer a wonderful source of proteins and healthy fatty acids.

A concept that convinces

"Sustainability in the use of natural resources along the entire production chain is the cornerstone of the STAUD'S philosophy. We are very proud to be part of this innovative project."
"With its innovative solution, Kern Tec offers an alternative that not only provides regional fruit growers with a new source of income, but also protects the environment by saving countless tons of CO2."

"These seeds are an enrichment for every connoisseur. Especially the cherry seeds are revolutionary."

Saved pits

since June 2019


Water savings in litres

compared to almond producers


Our Products

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