An upcycled raw material for our planet.

From previously unused fruit pits, Kern Tec develops innovative, sustainable ingredients and ready-to-use solutions for the food industry - from milk alternatives to nut spreads. 

Innovation is our Core Business

Each year, over 500,000 tons of fruit pits remain unused in the fruit industry. Kern Tec rescues them & enables them for a new, sustainable purpose:

By processing kernels (apricot, cherry & plum), we are providing true circular economy & enabling our B2B partners to access a previously untapped resource for the first time. Whether as an ingredient or a ready-to-use solution - our fruit kernels are as versatile as nuts. But more sustainable. 

With plant-based milk alternatives, nut-free spreads or genuine gourmet oils, we provide food that will delight our planet & your consumers.  

For a world in which raw materials are no longer forgotten.

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One raw material, many awards.

AVPA 2021 Gold - Best Oil
FI Award
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This is what we conjure from fruit pits:

New ingredients that revolutionize recipes and tastes.

This is how fruit pits are turned into versatile foods:

Apricot Kern Tec

Fruit pits are saved by Kern Tec

Apricot Seeds for sustainable nutrition

Cracked for the "nut" inside

Kern Tec Compound for Apricot Seed Drinks

processed into a ready-to-use compound

Kern Tec Milk Alternative Applications

manufactured to numerous products by our B2B customers

Like other drinks.
Just better.

We create a completely new kind of milk alternative from the most sustainable & innovative raw material on the market: a vegetable drink made from apricot pits!

Pleasantly nutty and creamy in taste, versatile in application & already proven in test markets - with our compound we enable every company to get involved in a rapidly growing industry.

Fruit pits as a sustainable alternative to nuts

Kern Tec rescues fruit pits from waste in fruit processing & returns them to the food industry as a valuable ingredient in accordance with the principle of circular economy. 

Less CO2 emissions, less water consumption - our fruit pits are the raw material for food with a low footprint.

The creamiest kind of sustainability is here.
Nougat Spread made from Fruit Pits.

The most sustainable alternative to nut spreads: creamy, versatile and above all really delicious!

Instead of hazelnuts or almonds, fruit stones are used here:Finely ground, mixed with the best ingredients and with up to 49% fruit stone content. A real treat. Completely without nuts.

We provide support in product development and recipe perfection. Whether fine-tuning or a new flavour - we find the best solution.

When sustainability meets technology.

We are a team of researchers, product developers and entrepreneurs with one goal. Bringing forgotten raw materials to the market through innovation.

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