We are working towards a world in which no valuable raw materials are forgotten.

Unique circular B2B ingredients from fruit pits for the food and cosmetics industry and much more.

Nutty-fruity taste

Full of healthy oils and proteins

Good for you and the planet

Fruit seeds as a truly unique innovation

Kern Tec is a B2B manufacturer and processor of cherry, apricot, apricot, plum, damson and many other fruit stones. These raw materials are carefully refined into high-quality products such as new baking ingredients, sustainable oils and a plant-based milk alternative.

That's what we can make of it.

New ingredients that revolutionize recipes and tastes.

When sustainability meets technology.

We are a team of researchers, product developers and entrepreneurs with one goal. Bringing forgotten raw materials to the market through innovation.

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3. Excite customers with product innovations

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This is Kern Tec.
Learn more about our story and concept.

This is Kern Tec.
more about our story and concept.

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