The sustainable way to make use of pits

Recycling of stone-fruit pits to innovative snacks, oils and many more..

Recycling of stone-fruit pits

The pits of apricot, plum, cherry and peach, which were previously regarded as waste, are now being reused regionally and sustainably.



What we assure

Aprikosensamen, kirschsamen, pflaumensamen



A concept that convinces

"Sustainability in the use of natural resources along the entire production chain is the cornerstone of the STAUD'S philosophy. We are very proud to be part of this innovative project."
"With its innovative solution, Kern Tec offers an alternative that not only provides regional fruit growers with a new source of income, but also protects the environment by saving countless tons of CO2."
"These seeds are an enrichment for every connoisseur. Especially the cherry seeds are revolutionary."

statistics are important

Saved pits



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