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Mulch & Gravel from Fruit Seed Shells

The sustainable solution for your garden & flowerbed

Obstkern Schalen Aprikose, Kirsche, Pflaume


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Mulch from fruit seed shells



Water and air permeable, KernFlakes® mulch is an excellent mulch for plant beds, public or private landscaping.



  • The concave structure of the shells helps retain rainwater and subsurface moisture. In addition, their strong thermal buffer prevents heating by trapping solar heat.
  • Visual enhancement of the garden
  • At a recommended thickness of 5 cm, it prevents the growth of weeds, limiting the use of chemical herbicides. For even greater efficiency, a geotextile can be laid as a base.
  • Long durability of up to 15 years
  • KernFlakes® mulch prevents over-acidification of the soil, unlike the bark of conifers, for example.
  • Weather resistant
Obstkerne im Garten
Mulch from plum pit shells
Kirschkerne im Garten
Mulch from cherry pit shells
Kies aus Obstkernen
Gravel for paths
Mulch aus Pfirsichschalen & Aprikosenschalen
Gravel for yards

Gravel applications from fruit pit shells



KernFlakes® gravel can be used wherever a mineral gravel bedding is considered:

Pedestrian paths in parks and gardens, playgrounds, festivals, park/campgrounds, access roads and rural paths, yards and terraces of houses, driveways and even on flat roofs.



  • Has particularly unique and warm tones, ranging from caramel when dry to dark chocolate when wet, enhancing the look of your garden! Tree needles or leaves are less visible.
  • KernFlakes® gravel is on average two and a half times lighter than conventional mineral gravel, but without floating in the rain, can be easily and quickly spread on the ground without compaction or binders.
  • The lightness reduces the time sinking into the ground.
  • Suitable for car use (tire safe) and does not contribute to the formation of ugly tracks.
  • Quieter than mineral gravel and reduces noise from footsteps or traffic.
  • The gravel provides a good thermal buffer and therefore allows for cool paths in the summer and warmer ones in the winter.
  • The wedging of the fragments of peach and apricot kernel shells gives the layer a textured quality, making it act wind and rain resistant.

The essence of our eco-garden material:


The KernFlakes® range comes from the recycling of fruit pits (apricots, peaches, plums, cherries). This is a forgotten by-product of the agricultural industry, which processes fruit into jams, juices, purees or other preparations.
Instead of being disposed, we give them a second life! All our products are therefore made from this renewable and plant-based raw material in a 100% natural process without any additives.

Therefore, the ecological materials are not only a particularly unique, new alternative, but also beneficial for the garden and the environment.

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