The creamiest kind of sustainability is here.

Nutty-fruity taste

Full of healthy oils and proteins

Good for you and the planet

Nougat cream made from fruit pits

The most sustainable alternative to nut & chocolate spreads: Finely ground, blended with the best ingredients and up to 45% nut/fruit kernel content.

Nougat cream made from fruit pits

Die nachhaltigste Alternative zu Nutella, nussig & cremig.

You prefer it sweeter?

We provide support in product development and recipe perfection. Whether fine-tuning or a new flavour - we find the best solution.

Our containers

IBC Container

1000 kg


190 kg


5-20 kg


0,1 -0,5kg

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Kern Tec is a manufacturer and B2B supplier of seeds, oils and granules for the food and cosmetics industries.

We offer as a producer and manufacturer apricot kernels, cherry kernels and plum kernels, as well as products derived from them, such as oils and shell granules for the food and cosmetic industry.