The creamiest kind of sustainability is here.

Nutty-fruity taste

Full of healthy oils and proteins

Good for you and the planet

Nougat cream made from fruit pits

The most sustainable alternative to nut & chocolate spreads: Finely ground, blended with the best ingredients and up to 45% nut/fruit kernel content.

Nougat cream made from fruit pits

Die nachhaltigste Alternative zu Nutella, nussig & cremig.

You prefer it sweeter?

We provide support in product development and recipe perfection. Whether fine-tuning or a new flavour - we find the best solution.

Our containers

IBC Container

1000 kg


190 kg


5-20 kg


0,1 -0,5kg

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Kern Tec is a manufacturer and B2B supplier of seeds, oils and granules for the food and cosmetics industries.

Wir bieten als Produzent und Hersteller Aprikosenkerne, Kirschkerne und Pflaumenkerne, sowie daraus entstehende Produkte wie Pflanzendrinks, Nougatcremen, Öle und Schalengranulate für die Lebensmittel- und Kosmetikindustrie an.