We love cows.

That is why we have developed something much better than cow's milk.

Like almond milk, only better. The truly sustainable plant milk made from fruit pits is here.

Kern Tec is a B2B manufacturer and processor of cherry, apricot and plum fruit pits. These raw materials are carefully refined into high-quality products such as milk alternatives. Apricot seeds are used to produce a compound that enables any company to bottle this plant milk.

From raw materials that convince in all aspects

Innovative ingredients that revolutionise recipes and flavours while protecting the environment. Pleasantly nutty and completely in the spirit of the circular economy.

You prefer it sweeter?

We provide support in product development and recipe perfection. Whether fine-tuning or a new flavour - we find the best solution.

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Kern Tec is a manufacturer and B2B supplier of seeds, oils and granules for the food and cosmetics industries.

We offer as a producer and manufacturer apricot kernels, cherry kernels and plum kernels, as well as products derived from them, such as oils, flours and shell granules for the food and cosmetic industry.