Aprikosenkernöl Marillenkernöl Kirschkernöl kirschöl aprikosenöl sauerkirschkernöl kernöl pflaumenöl zwetschkenkernöl

Edible and cosmetic oils

Our products are 100% natural oils and are extracted from selected, high-quality and sustainable raw materials. After careful cleaning, the oils are gently cold-pressed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Guaranteed without additives such as aromas, flavour enhancers, preservatives or artificial colourings.

The pleasant new aroma of the different stone fruit seed oils, as well as their natural source of vitamins, trace elements and minerals are an enrichment for every food lover and care conscious consumer.

Varieties - apricot, sour cherry and plum

Quality - from organic or conventional agriculture

Origin - Austria and EU

Packaging - Packed in canister (plastic/sheet metal) or glass bottles (100-1000ml incl. labelling)

Marzipan-like aroma

novel & innovative

Up to 3-fold unsaturated fatty acids

wonderful carrier for cosmetic creams