(Organic) Cherry kernel oil / Cherry seed oil

Prunus Avium Seed Oil

Apricot Seeds, Cherry Seeds, Plum Seeds


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For the use in food products

Mechanical pressing from the inner seeds (without the shell) allows the cherry oil to develop its true fragrance and flavour. With its amaretto-like character, it is suitable as a culinary oil, which in its uniqueness can hardly be compared with other products. 

To be used in 

  • Baked Goods: Replace oil or butter with cherry seed oil - no need to change recipe in doughs, etc.
  • Confectionery: add to cream, chocolates or toppings over desserts
  • Dairy: As a flavor enhancer in yogurts and mueslis

Excellent in taste.

Ölkaiser Kern Tec 1. Preis
saturated fatty acids
unsaturated fatty acids
oleic acid
linoleic acid
palmitic acid
palmitoleic acid

For use in cosmetic products

Rich in vitamin A and high in antioxidants, a natural emollient, cherry seed oil helps nourish and prevent dry skin and reduce large pores. By gently pressing the seeds (without shells), the best is obtained from the high-quality raw material. Due to the unique fatty acid structure, it finds its great potential in cosmetics. With its novelty in quality and properties, it is considered a newcomer in premium cosmetic products.

The polyunsaturated linoleic acid, which is present in excess, helps to maintain healthy hair and is therefore a valuable ingredient in hair care. Due to rapid absorption, it does not leave a greasy film and helps especially against dry skin. Because of its antioxidant properties and ability to eliminate dead skin cells, it is also a perfect ingredient for anti-aging care products.

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