(Organic) Plum kernel oil / Plum seed oil

Prunus Domestica Seed Oil


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For the use in food products

Obtained from the highest quality plum seeds (without shell), you get the golden yellow oil, which impresses with a strong marzipan flavor. Therefore, the use is particularly applicable in products in which a marzipan flavor is specifically sought, without sugar! The plum oil is therefore redefined, it can be used as a topping wherever this intense flavor is desired, especially during the Christmas season.

Can be applied in

  • Baked goods such as Christmas bakery and pastries
  • Confectionery like marzipan products
  • Dairy products as a tasty addition to ice cream, yogurts and muesli
saturated fatty acids
unsaturated fatty acids
oleic acid
linoleic acid
palmitic acid
palmitoleic acid

For use in cosmetic products

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamin E (alpha & gamma tocopherols), it contributes to regenerative processes of the skin and is especially suitable for dry, damaged and sensitive skin. Due to the high content of oleic acid, plum seed oil is easily absorbed into the skin and facilitates deep penetration of cosmetic active ingredients. As it helps retain moisture, the user experiences an incredibly silky skin feeling.


Because of its unique aroma and healthy fatty acids, plum kernel oil is considered one of the highest quality oils in cosmetic products. Due to its remarkably high content of vitamin E, it is considered a highly sought-after cosmetic oil, it strengthens and nourishes the skin barrier layer like no other.

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